Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 5 playable flash websites recommended for killing you boring time.

As a senior internet user, only spend time on online purchasing or video watching, game playing or news reading are far from enough. And as a matter of fact, there are many other interesting things that you can find about hanging on the internet. Visiting some beautiful and interesting flash websites is a nice idea, and some of them can really be help in killing your time, today i would like to recommend you my top 5 playable flash websites i usually spend my boring time on to you.

No.5  Bank of imagination 
Bank of Imagination is a real interesting website because people all over the world can share their imagination about anything on it, it's funny not for just seeing other people's wonderful imagination but also for finding a secret place where you can keep your inner words.

No.4  Why You Stay Up at Night
Viewing this website makes me feel more like watching a movie or reading a novel, and the problem is why you stay up at night, for concerning about love, or limited life. There are so many outstanding flash inside that will definitely make you unable to get rid of.

No.3 Neon Bible 
I have never watched the movie with the same name so i can't tell if this flash has anything to do with the movie, but i can give you all my words that this site is real amazing, those interactive settings will get you lost in the Neon Bible world.

No 2. Balldropping 
This is a pinball game, and the rule is as simple as don't let a ball fall down. But the attractive part of this game is, every jump of the ball on your line will make a sound so when hundreds of balls jumping on those lines, it sounds like a melody.

No 1. Incredibox
The reason why i rank this site no 1 is that this is definitely the most playable website i've ever experienced, and if you are B-Box fun, you mustn't miss this site. It's a online application that offers you to discover musical universe of "The Incredible Polo", handling a range of "human beat box" sounds,very attractive.

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