Monday, October 31, 2011

EyeDefender-A caring servant to remind you protecting your eyes

EyeDefender is a freeware rest reminder designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for hours. With this thing on your computer, you will never be late for taking a rest during your long-lasting computer operation.

Nowadays, many people have to work a long time with their eyes on computer, especially for those editors and software engineers. We all realize long staring on the computer is very harmful to our eyes but randomly of them can close the monitor and take a rest for their eyes. EyeDefender is a reliable software to remind you every time when it's time for you to take a eve break.

The thing is really for use. It's very small and you can download and install it in a very short seconds. The recommendation is simple – take a short rest break from your computer every hour. The difficulty lies in scheduling a regular break and keeping to it. That's where EyeDefender can help you. It'll remind you to take a break and relax eyes at fixed intervals.

Once installed, EyeDefender sits in the system tray and displays the time left until the next break. When the time for a break comes, the program does one of the following:

  • Displays pictures in a predefined folder;
  • Runs the visual training to relax the eyes;
  • Runs a default screensaver;
  • Displays a popup timed reminder in the system tray.
There are many other functions EyeDefender can do for you And 
you can download EyeDefender here:

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Violent file remover- Lockhunter

Lock hunter is a free software which gives you more power in managing your naughty files on the computer, and it's definitely one necessary IT requirements in your mass softwares!

Sometimes you got into this situation, files or folders you wanna delete can't not be removed, this might be two reasons, one is that this program is running and the other is this file or folder is a virus. It gets very annoying when you are looking at those things but can't remove them. Now, i got a real violent file remover for you, may i present --lockhunter

Lockhunter is a very small software, the total size is about only 1MB large, you can use this thing to remove/rename and even move locked files or folders. You can even use it to end the process of a application that you can't do with the task manager.
And there is one more good point on it is that every deleted files can be recovered so you don't have to worry about deleting something and get regret on this.

Anyway, with this powerful Lockhunter, you can
View the process of a locked application
End the process of a application violently
Unlock a locked file or folder
Get combined into Task Manager so you can use this more convenient

So, this is definitely one unmissable requirements for your computer, you can download one for a trial here:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spyshelter--A reliable guard to keep your code away from being voyeured

Spyshelter is a professional anti keylogger software, it provides a tight protection for any information accessed into your computer via the keyboard. It keeps your code, and other information away from being stolen by some virus.

You might have never thought that there might be a pair of eyes staring at you from the back when you are doing some typing things on the keyboard, like your credit code or your facebook book or your email address code whatever they are. They might get stolen and some your important information will be viewed by some other people and you get loss.

Doing things on the internet has already become a very daily thing, you buying stuff on Amazon, you paying parking bills with online credit, you store very important information in your mail box. The more you access the internet, the higher this chance might be for your information get voyeured. If you have already installed a anti-virus software, i recommend you install this spyshelter as well.

This is not only a anti keyblogger, with spyshelter on your pc, you can
Get your system get protected from virus attacking 
Become an Antiscreencapture
Act as an Antilipboardcapture

In a word, with this Spyshelter, it becomes much more safe for you to surfing the internet and enjoy the happiness of the web.

You can download this here:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Document Exporter, a good IE plugin for storing a page view

Document Exporter is a very convenient plugin for IE users to store a useful page view when they are surfing the internet, and is able to convert all those information on the page as a whole to files like PDF or TXT, and the links on the words will keep its availability.

You found a good page on the web and wanna store the whole information on it, those links, authors, the time and some other current information, What are you gonna do?
You don't wanna waste another piece of paper and drops of printing ink for this maybe one-off information. I got a good IE plugin called Document Exporter to help you.

If you are not using IE explorer, i suppose this thing isn't capable with your other explores like Google Chrome or Firefox. So you need to install a IE explorer since the latest IE 8 is just released. Anyway, this plugin is really easy to install, you just download it and install it with one single click.

Document Exporter for Internet Explorer is currently free for 30days, and with this little thing, you can convert your IE page to like:
Images with clickable link
PDF file
Microsoft word and .RTF

So, if you like this thing and wanna take a shot of it, you can download this thing here:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Audio player with world-class performance: Beoplayer

This excellent audio player developed by world-class audio process company Bang & Olufsen is a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. People easily get addicted to this amazing audio player.    

World-class audio playing performance

Compared with Windows Media Player, Beoplayer has a much better audio quality, it can automatically remove those unnecessary noises from the file and provide you a perfect listening experience. Audio files like ape/flac/wav/mp3/ogg/aac/m4a/mp4/wma are all available on Beoplayer, which makes other audio players unable to compare with. According to the saying of senior music lovers, this Beoplayer don't need any out-connected instruments to increase its ability to play music.

With beoplayer, accessing and enjoying your collection of digital music as well as Internet radio has never been easier. You can choose its music option or radio thing from the right window.

By the way, beoplayer can also support some picture formats and video formats, which depends on what video decoders you have on your computer, which i think, doesn't matter that much, because the position of this thing is on audio player.

Noblest Appearence

When you invite electronics into your home, they should be beautiful to look at. This holds true when the electronics are switched on, too. BeoPlayer screens and menus do not recall anything on a computer. Instead, they resemble physical objects that seem to move in three dimensions rather than transition from one screen to another. The design is crafted to match the BeoVision screens that will display it, so your computer monitor will have something to live up to – unless you are using a BeoVision television as your monitor?

Support copy CD files onto your computer directly

BeoPlayer will vacuum your PC for music and photos and present them to you in a straightforward and elegant manner. It offers a simple and powerful way to copy CDs to your computer - always with full information about artist, titles, cover art etc. collected automatically via the internet. This way you can browse through the covers of your music and display the cover art while listening to your favourite music.

You can download Beoplayer on

And before you install this audio player and gonna start using it, you will have to register first, it's pretty simple and totally free.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ailt PDF to All Document Converter

Ailt PDF to All Document Converter is a very powerful PDF converter, you can use this thing to convert a PDF file to
Picture formats like jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif and some other formats
Office files like word, excel, ppt
You can also use Ailt PDF to all Document Converter to convert your PDF to flash/html/txt and many other things. This is definitely one of your indispensable software on your computer.

Many people like to download some study materials or operating instructions from the internet, and most the time, those things are in PDF formats. It's okay if you just wanna read them on your PC but because of its incapability with other operating system so you are gonna have to convert it to some other formats as listed above, Ailt PDF to All Document Converter will be a nice choice.


1. You can add your PDF files in three ways, left click the File button, the plus symbol and the ADD Files

2. Then you choose which format you'd like to convert it to, all options are listed.

3. After all those setting are done, you can start to convert now, the speed is based on the size of  your PDF file and which format you choose to convert it to.

If you are interested in this Ailt PDF to All Document Converter, don't hesitate and go to download one.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ashampoo Snap, a real nice screenshot software

When you wanna take a screenshot and show your friends what you've got on your screen, or one of your friend have a computer problem and you happen to know how to get it solved, and you did a great job with playing Call of Duty and want to make a video and upload it to youtube so other people have a chance to see it, you might need this Ashampoo Snap, one of many excellent free Ashampoo screenshot taker from Ashampoo Company.

A screenshot software is very necessary for people who always like to share their ideas to others or offer information for a question. There are many screenshot softwares on the internet and most of them have good functions. Today i'm gonna recommend one beautiful screenshot thing, Ashampoo Snap
Ashampoo Snap is a really cool screenshot software, it's one of the most powerful thing in this series. It doesn't like Screen capture or Winsnap with an entitative interface, all those keys are invisible when they are not in use,it looks a little bit like Mac OS system.

Speaking of its functions, you can screenshot the full screen, a single window or just a rectangle place, and your screenshot is taken, you can take further edits like change size or the brightness and many other things.
You can use Ashampoo Snap to take a video shot as well. Next time when your friends have some computer problems and you happen to know how, you can take a video shot video Ashampoo Snap and send him for learning.

Click for downloading Ashampoo Snap

Open Freely-A beautiful media player with allpurpose functions

Some times you can't just install a software to open one special file because there are so many formats nowadays. But with a stuff like this, which support over 100 file formats, can solve your many problems. And this, is definitely one of the most important IT Requirements.

I downloaded a novel called The Hunger Games this morning, however, it's not as i expected in TXT or DOC but in PDF. I didn't got a Adobe Player because i randomly use this kind of files. So i spend a little more minutes to search download a Adobe flash player and then get my novel-reading thing available. Then i start to think if there is any good media players that can play most of daily used or seldom used files rather than install some many things to fulfill all different needs, then i got this Open Freely thing, i was shocked.

This little thing can support over 100 formats like video files, picture files, text mode files and even compressed files.
Click for More Formats.
I installed this thing and tried some of its major functions.

Click to download Open Freely

1. Video playing
Open Freely can support some mainstream video formats like Avi/wmv/flv/mp4 and others, its interface is a bit like windows media player, you can zoom the size of your video by right click. Some other functions you find on windows media player are available too

2. Picture Editing
Another powerful function of Open Freely is that you can use this thing to edit your picture file in many ways. You can rotate the picture or resize it by adapting the data, very beautiful thing.

3. Microsoft office files viewing and editing

If you are using this for work,then this thing can help you combine all microsoft things together, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, everything related to windows files are okay with Open Freely.

4. Archive files opening
With this Open Freely on your computer, you don't have to decompress your RAR or ZiP files any more, you can just open it with Open Freely and after you close the window, your files are still there in compressed formats.

However, compared with some other professional softwares, there do exist shortcoming. Just like you can't except a touchpad to do all the things you can do on a computer. Everything exists for a reason, if you like this thing, please download and give it a shot,and don't forget to subscribe my blog, Good Luck everyone.