Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free PDF Reader, SlimPDF Reader

SlimPDF Reader is one good PDF reader with the smallest size of 1.44MB, compared with Adobe, it is so convenient for carrying in your USB when you are about using a unknown computer. And common usages about PDF can be found with this little freeware.

As the smallest PDF Reader, SlimPDF Reader have following features:

  • Eliminate bloatware and help your computer run faster
  • View any PDF File just like Adobe Reader
  • 100% Free
  • The smallest desktop PDF Reader in the World.

If you don't like the huge size of Adobe Reader, SlimPDF is exactly what you need for PDF file viewing.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Encrypt Files, another free file locker

Encrypt Files is another good in use file locker, you can use it to set a password for your private files so people have to use your settled password to access your files. This is another good files encrypt software suggested in my blog after the Easy File Locker. And compared with the former, Encrypt Files has 13 encryptions methods, so it's definitely a reliable files encrypt software to protect your privacy.

File Encryption is scrambling process in which files are made unreadable until the specific decryption method has been employed. The most common use of software file encryption is to protect your private files, documents and informations. 

Compare with other file encrypt softwares, Encrypt Files has a fast and lightweight size, 13 advanced encryption algorithms and many other advantages.

The same like Easy File Locker, this software is completely free, and the total size of it is only 1MB, best defined as a green software.

You many download this freeware at from the following link:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free File Wiper, the most reliable way to erase the evidence of your "Crime"

Free File Wiper is easy in use deleting software with top security. Any files on your laptop don't wanna been recovered and let other people see, you can use Free File Wiper, and in whatever ways those data will not be recovered.

As in one of my former post i recommend readers a data recovery software called Icare undeleted free, you may get your data deleted in windows way recovered with it. In case of some other people use it to recover your data and see your personal information, i give you this Free File Wiper, with which even god is unable to recover your deleted data.

This Free File Wiper has got only 48KB and you don't need to stall it for use, once your open it, the icon will be places at the right corner of your desktop. All you delete things will be done by dragging files you'd like to delete into the icon.

You may download this freeware at this site:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oneloupe, one of your helpful personal assiatant

Oneloupe is a small freeware but could be very useful for teachers and businessmen for their conferences meeting. You can use it to enlarge any area on your desktop so your students or meeting attenders will have a clear view with a projector.

If you are a college teacher or a regular meeting attender, you might always need to project your information to people around the table or students sitting on different positions. Even though there are magnifier with operation system like Windows and Mac, a simple and easy in use tool is still needed for users. Oneloupe is exactly what you need for this purpose.

The total size of this software is only 70KB, and as a installation free software, you can easily get it on your computer or delete it. Its interface is very friendly as well, even a computer newbie can use this very well for his first time.

If you are interested in giving this tiny tool a shot, you can download it at this site:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toolbar Cleaner, a magic software can speed up your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrom

ToolbarCleaner is a very easy in use tool to get your unwanted toolbars you happen to install on your explorer off, so you can increase the speed of your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome when you are surfing on the internet.

We always install unwanted toolbars when we happen to need softwares we downloaded on the internet. Those annoying things always stick inside your software and install themselves when you doing install. They usually get your explorer messed up and make it slower. What's more, they even slow down your speed when you turning on your computer.

You may clean up those things by uninstalling them one by one, but when there are too much things and you even have o idea where they are,a good toobar clearer is need. ToolbarCleaner is exactly what you need for this kind of situation.

This is how it looks when you install ToolbarCleaner and make a scan with your explorers, you can easily remove unnecessary toolbars on your various explorers like Firefox or Chrome by clicking. You can also choose Windows Startup options so as to speed up your computer start speed.

If you are interested in this little tool and give it a shot, you can visit this link below:

Monday, November 21, 2011

SpaceSniffer, the easiest way to find lost space on your disks

SpaceSniffer is a very useful freeware that allows you to find out how those files and folders have taken up your discs in a most direct way. With a clear graph shown how much a file or folder takes up your disc space, you can clean the disc up by deleting useless thing so your computer will get speed up.

With the increasing days of your computer, your win or mac operating speed get slower and slower, especially for a media download crazy, you will have to clean up your disc at least once a week, and in ordinary way, you have to open each folders to check out if you are deleting things inside, and this will easily drive you crazy. With SpaceSniffer, there is no need to worry about this any more, it will scan every of your disc and list up how much space one folder has taken.

It's a real good habit to check your disc with a regular time, maybe in every week or month, which is the same for your cellphone, delete unnecessary things in time and offer your application a cleaner environment.

If you are interested in this and wanna download it for a trial, you can visit this site:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Panda USB Vaccine, a required anti-virus software for your USB devices

Panda USB Vaccine is a free anti-virus software designed for USB devices like memory sticks, mp3 players, digital cameras and so on. So Panda USB Vaccine can protect your usb devices from getting infected by prevent its auto-running and the opening of files which might contain virus.

Two main ways of computer getting infected are through the internet and the usb devices. Even though getting infected by usb devices seems to have less opportunity, there is still a very high chance for your computer get infected while you are using a usb device.

Aurorun.inf is a very popular file in people's usb devices recently, the original function of this thing is open your files by double clicking. However, some virus hind in the file and get spread with this as a route. Panda USB Vaccine can stop its automatic running when you intend to use a usb device.

You can download it at this site and use it for free:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Norton Mobile Security LITE, a pro anti-virus software from PC to your Android phones

Norton Mobile Security LITE is a professional anti-virus software developed Symantec Company. Since more and more cellphone users tend to use Android phones,  and many big cellphone companied like HTC and Samsung put a lot of energy on developing Android devices, it's getting easier for hackers to spread their virus among Android users. Symantec, this PC anti-virus software leader, has developed this Norton Mobil Security LITE for people.

Believe it or not, according to the mobile security expert Riley Hassell 's word, there are many loopholes with Android operation system, so it's really easy for Android phones get effected with virus, an avti-virus software installed on your Android phone seems to be really necessary. 

Symantec is a world class anti-virus software developing company, many of their anti-virus softwares share good reputation in users, and i'm sure this Norton Mobile Security LITE will not let you down either. 

 You may download it for a trial at this site:|kw0000001625|7660515556&country=US

Quick time player, the real professional MOV player

Quick Time pro is the latest mov player released by Apple Company, compared with other media player, it has a more professional performance in decoding mov file and mp4 file. And i believe for those PC users who are not that interested in Mac system and Apple media files still need a Quick Time player.

Mov is one of the best video formats compared with some old stuff like RM or avi, so more and more videos on the internet or from other places are converted as mov file. Just like mov, Mp4 video format is very popular nowadays too, i can say that if you got a media player that support both mp4 and mov, this media player can be named as a mainstream player, Quick Time Pro is this media player with no doubt.

Actually, Quick Time Pro support many audio and video formats, like mp3 and avi, mp4, you can also use it to view pictures in jpg or bmp. And the most important is, compared with some general media players, Quick Time Pro, come out from Apple Company, has its excellent interface and out looking. If you are a person who has a fever in beautiful things, i recommend you unistall your Windows Media player and install a Quick Time Pro!

You may download this beautiful thing at this place:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writing an email for the years later you is very funny website that offers you writing an email but send to yourself years later, all you have to do is leave your email address and the text. As you choose the time after you write this email, you will receive it at a settled time, it's definitely a very fashion thing

If you have ever thought about life after years or longer, you will know actually it's a very interesting thing. People keep changing all the time, maybe years later when you really receive an email sent by yourself years before, i'm sure you will think a lot and learn so much.

Here is the link of the website, you may go and check it out by yourself

Monday, November 14, 2011

N+ a very simple but playable game.

N+ is a very simple but playable game, N stands for Japanese Ninja, the game is about you avoiding all kinds of attacks by doing difficult actions. Its is also the winner of 7th Game Reword.

There are many points in the game, and every map is a unique point. All you have to do is by jumping around and running for getting to the end in limited time, and the most interesting thing is you can design your own map at the beginning of the round.

Here is the link for downloading the game,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Make a special Thanksgiving present for your loved ones---Tip 2.

In the last article we talk about making a photo with Poladroid effect for your parents as a Thanksgiving Day present. So it will recall their old precious memory and countless pleasure. And today, i will give you another tip for preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving present for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. Make a picture with Mosaic effect

The reason why i recommend you use a picture with masic effect instead of poladroid effect for young lovers is that they are more fashion. Don't take this as an ordinary mosaic picture, after you check the following picture out, you will find how amazing it is and why it's a good option for a Thanksgiving present.

Now you are clear about this now? That's right, this mosaic picture is maked based on using thousands of tiny pictures to compost a huge picture with its profile reminded. And just like Poladroid Image Maker, it's not complicated either. You can use a small software and a dozen of pictures to complete this in a few seconds.

Andreamosanic is developed for users to make picture with mosanic effect with very few steps, since the designer tends to consider more about new users so the interface is very friendly.

After you install the AndreaMosaic, there are three main steps you are supposed to follow

1. You add a picture you want to make as the main picture.  Attention, this image is the main frame of your picture so you have to take a careful consideration about this, and it had better to be a close-taken picture so after it is dealed you can have a better result.

2. You choose the tile size of parameters. The high this size is, the better Mosaic effect you will get, and don't take the size too small, then you will be unable to see the main image.

3. You create you personal Mosanic image.

Actually , there are some more settings in more options and i hope you can get them clear by yourself.
Believe it or not, i can say this is gonna be one of the best Thanksgiving Day for me and my whole family, and i hope you people can enjoy it as well.
You can download it at this site:

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Make a special Thanksgiving present for your loved ones---Tip 1.

The Thankgiving day of this year is coming in 24 November, as one of the most important festivals in a year, you can't just sit in your house and enjoy the warm fireplace and delicious turkey, giving present to people you wanna show your thanks can't be missed as a really necessary part. However, having been given and receiving gifts purchased from stores for years and years, we all get kinds of disappointed for this wonderful moment. And for me, i'm gonna get a very special gift for my parents and girlfriend made by myself, if you are interested in a new idea for the thanksgiving present, i suggest you follow my artitle and learn some real nice tips.

1. Make a photo with Poladroid effect

Many old camera users should be very familiar with this brand, as one the best Lomo and one-time imaging camera, it's the Synonym for fashion at that age. You can no longer buy a Poladroid one-time camera in any store at any places. Because the picture taken by Poladroid camera is in favor of warm color, and has a stong sense of artistic. there are a lot of funs all around the world.

I know you have already fall in love with this wonderful picture effect and begin to worry about your terrible PS skills, then i'm gonna tell you that actually there is a good software that can add this effect to your pictures with a quiet few steps. Then you can make a beautiful picture with Poladroid effect and give it to your parents as your thanksgiving day present, i'm pretty sure they will love it a lot.

Poladroid Image Maker is a completely free software with small size, all those steps are so simple that only a 4 year old kid can make a nice picture with it. After you install the Poladroid Image Maker, all you have to do is drag your original picture onto the software, then it will make your photo automatically. And the effect setting things are as simple as that too.

If you are interested in this nice thing, you can download it and take a try at the following links.

Poladroid Image Maker for Win:
Poladroid Image Maker for Mac:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A simple tip to exam if your anti-software is running in good condition

You worry a lot about surfing on the internet before you install a safe anti-virus software like Avira or Bit Defender, for various kinds of virus are hiding beneth those information and seeking chances to invade your computer, they broke your operation, destroy your personal information, and make your computer unable to function.

However, sometimes even after you install a good anti-virus software, your computer still get invaded by virus, the reason might be you didn't install the software in a proper way or this safety guard didn't function well.

I got a very simple way for you to check if your anti-virus software is properly installed. This tip is set out by those pro European Anti-virus experts so you don't have to worry about its reliability.


You paste the upper word into your notepad and then save the file in the name of, and the type shall be all types. Then you use your anti-virus software to exam this file, if your software give warnings and tell you to delete the file, it means your anti-virus software is installed properly, if not, you'd better reinstall it or choose another anti-virus software.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Repair RealMedia Files-- No worry about Rmvb playing error any more

Repair RealMedia File is a simple and easy to recover tool that can repair your most common errors in real media files when you are about to enjoy one of your favorite movie downloaded on the web, and it's one of the most commonly used fix softwares with mediafiles.

Even though more and more other video formats like MKV, VOB and mp4 with H.264 are coming to our eyes, real media files still own its particular position in video media.  It really pissed me off when i click on my video and a sign of error show up. Fortunately, when i google the realmedia file repair software today i found this Repair RealMedia Files, honestly speaking, this is exactly what we need when we come across into the situation.

The main features of Repair RealMedia Files are as following
1. Support to fix RealVidio and RealAudio files.
2. Extremely fast speed in repair rm and rmvb files.
3. Automatically backup corrupt rm and rmvb files.
4. No complex options. Simply click one button and your rm or rmvb file is repaired. Which means, any kind of situations like your realmedia file has no voice or the audio and video stuff don't match each other, or you can even open the file.

Repair RealMedia Files can get your problems done BTW, this software can not only repair some general errors in RealMedia fils but also like 3gp and some other video formats.

If you are interested in this stuff, you can visit this site and download it:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recommendation of gorgeous icons used on Windows

I don't know if you have this habit of changing those settings on your computer regularly. I do this a lot, things like desktop, folder icons are all my frequently-changed stuff. So today, i'm gonna recommend you some of my favorite icons from my computer and i hope you can love them as well

It's really easy a thing to change icons of your applications on your computer, no matter you are running a windows operation or Mac OS operation, here what i'm gonna show is various icons not about steps of changing them on your computer

All icons used on Windows operation are in png format, and the resolution is 256px X 256px, so generally speaking all picture files in png with a resolution of 256 x 256 can be settled as computer icons. 

Rockdock is a very great desktop icons company, their designed softwares and icons are all very fashion and can attract mass attention. If you are a real Beauty-first people, you should spend some time to visit their website

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Icare undelete free, a reliable data recovery software

Icare undelete free is a 100% free data recovery software, it's simple designed and make you able to recover most of your data with only few steps. To most people who always delete files by accident and wanna find them back, this is absolutely what you need on your computer.

Have you ever deleted a file or document folder and then realized it was a crucial mistake that you have ever made to your files? Do you happen to take a snapshot, delete it by accident and then need a recovery? Have you performed SHIFT plus DELETE and need some important files back? Have you run into the situation you want your files back just after you emptied the Recycle Bin and see files were gone? Did you employ someone deleted vital company files after his quiting the job?

No need to worry about those things any more! With icare undelete free, you can get your files deleted by accident recover in a few seconds. And thanks to its simple interface and friendly design, even computer newbies can operate it with guidance.

Once you open it, you can have a very clear view of your computer discs listed. If you tend to recover files from D disc, then you choose D:/ and then click on "Undelete Recover", the scan process will be finished in a few seconds.
Then there are some other options you may choose for your recovery thing.

You can download it here:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Easy File Locker-- Get your files lock unattached

Easy File Locker is a small and easy-to-use software that keeps your file away from being seen by other people who you don't wanna them see. Once you got your file protected and other users without the settled code will be unable to open, read, modify, delete, move or even see your files or folders. Its 100% protection leaves other people no single chance to voyeur your information.

The whole Easy File Locker has only a 226 KB size, that's definitely can be called a small software. And the usage is very simple too, it takes only 3 steps to put your files or folders under perfect protection.
After you install this tiny thing, the first thing you have to do is

 1. ADD your file or folder.

After your adding thing is finished, then you can

 2. choose the popedom of users access to your coded files or folders.

Once all the settings are done, you come up to the step of

 3. setting your personal code.

Then everything is done, you can go and check it out whether your secret folder can still be seen or not.

If you are interested in this software, you can download it at this place:

BTW, the Easy File Locker is only capable with Windows System, so users with other operation system like Mac OS will not be able to use it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fraps, game video taker- Your way to be the next WCG player

Fraps has already been taken as the best video game taker since its first edition was released. You can use Fraps to not only take videos for games, but also examine the fps on your screen and take a screenshot. Compared with Ashampoo, i've mentioned before, Fraps tends to be more focused on real time video capture thing.

I bet many of you have watched game videos on youtube or other video sharing websites, like learn how to shot down enermies in Counter Strike game, or how the other player kill a hunter as a warrior in World of Warcraft. And for so many times you came up with an idea to show your own game videos but get annoying for don't know how. Now, this thing, i'm gonna tell you guys, is exactly a good real time video capture software, and that's the reason why i call it the way to lead you the next WCG player.

Actually, Fraps is not just a real time video capture software, it is also:

A professional Benchmarking Software. It shows how many Frames Per Second(FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen, which will not borther you when you are falling into your game. You only have to start and finish the video taking process with a simple press of F9 

A Screen Capture Software.It can take a screenshot only with the press of a key, and you don't have to paste into a paint program every time you want a new shot, since your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped. However, you can't except it has the same ability compared with Ashampoo because this is the differences between professional and unprofessional. The press for a screenshot is F10
As for the video quality this software take can make, there is completely no need to worry about. 80% of game videos you can find on youtube are taken by this Fraps, so it's easy to figure that out.

If you are interested in this thing and get ready to make one hell of the show for other people, you can download this Fraps here: