Friday, February 3, 2012

Tricks about how to insert music files from itunes to Windows media player

Movies users purchased on itunes are all protected with DRM, which means you can't play them with some other media players except Apple Stuff like itunes and iphone ipod. But music files purchased on itunes are not protected, so you can copy them to anywhere else to enjoy them like on your mp3 player and Android phone, now in this article, i'm gonna tell you step by step about how to sync music files you purchased to Windows Media Player without a third party software.

PS: Both my itunes and windows media player are not in the latest version, but it's easy to find the corresponding buttons and options.

1. When you itunes is on, you click the Edit and find Preference option.

2. Choose Advanced option to find Itunes Media Folder Location.

3. Then you copy the saving path of your itunes Media Folder Location.

4. Turn off the itunes after you have copied the address and open your Windows Media Player.

5. Open the Organization option and find you Music Folder. Click the Add option to paste the itunes Media Folder Location address in. Then press OK button

Everything Done!

Then every time you download a new music file on itunes, it will be shown in your Windows Media Player List.

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