Tuesday, February 7, 2012

UMPlayer, a real Universal Media Player

UMPlayer is an almighty media player that with its hundreds of built in audio and video codecs, it can support nearly all kinds of media formats. Stream video playing like Youtube and obther video sharing sites are also supported with UMPlayer.

More and more ways of decoding results in more and more video and audio formats, some old media players have to be installed with various extensions to support new media files, then your media player just get larger. UMPlayer is qualified as one of the world's most advanced and open source media players with its multiple built in audio and video codecs. UMPlayer has made great impression on millions of users with its powerful media playing and skinnable interface, only the total downloads on Download.cnet has reached 7 million times.

Those are video and audio formats UMPlayer can support in detail.

If you wanna change your old Realplayer or just bored with installing new codec extensions, you may wanna try this UMPlayer here, they got all four versions for Windows/ Mac/ Linus and Ubuntu.

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