Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 5 playable flash websites recommended for killing you boring time.

As a senior internet user, only spend time on online purchasing or video watching, game playing or news reading are far from enough. And as a matter of fact, there are many other interesting things that you can find about hanging on the internet. Visiting some beautiful and interesting flash websites is a nice idea, and some of them can really be help in killing your time, today i would like to recommend you my top 5 playable flash websites i usually spend my boring time on to you.

No.5  Bank of imagination 
Bank of Imagination is a real interesting website because people all over the world can share their imagination about anything on it, it's funny not for just seeing other people's wonderful imagination but also for finding a secret place where you can keep your inner words.

No.4  Why You Stay Up at Night
Viewing this website makes me feel more like watching a movie or reading a novel, and the problem is why you stay up at night, for concerning about love, or limited life. There are so many outstanding flash inside that will definitely make you unable to get rid of.

No.3 Neon Bible 
I have never watched the movie with the same name so i can't tell if this flash has anything to do with the movie, but i can give you all my words that this site is real amazing, those interactive settings will get you lost in the Neon Bible world.

No 2. Balldropping 
This is a pinball game, and the rule is as simple as don't let a ball fall down. But the attractive part of this game is, every jump of the ball on your line will make a sound so when hundreds of balls jumping on those lines, it sounds like a melody.

No 1. Incredibox
The reason why i rank this site no 1 is that this is definitely the most playable website i've ever experienced, and if you are B-Box fun, you mustn't miss this site. It's a online application that offers you to discover musical universe of "The Incredible Polo", handling a range of "human beat box" sounds,very attractive.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evaer Video Recorder for Skype

Evaer video recorder for skype is a video recorder software used to record your skype video and audio calls into mp4/avi movies. With this software, all your skype video and audio interviews, conferences, podcasts and family calls can all be recorded for later views.

Skype is a real popular online chatting application that many people all around the world use it to make family calls, online business meetings and friends-chatting, because you are able to see each other on skype. It's a real useful thing to take all those live chats into records cause some conferences and family talk might worthy for a second view, and this Evaer Video Recorder for Skype is exactly what made to do this for Skype users.

by the way, the usage of this software is very easy, anyone who follow the guidance can get it done with few steps

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leawo Mac Data Recovery, recover your lost data with a few steps

Leawo Data Recovery for Mac is a professional software with the aim to recover various data files from Mac hard drive and storage devices. File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery are available for your options. 

Things might be complicated when you delete your useful files by accident, or those files in your computer get broken by wrong operation. You need a good data recovery software to got your lost files back, data recovery software is not easy to find one for mac users, and this Leawo Mac Data Recovery, is your best choice for data recovery on mac computers.

Main Features of Leawo Data Recovery for Mac
1.       Recover data from Mac hard drive and storage device
Deleted or damaged files from Mac hard drive can be found back with only a few simple clicks, at the same time, data files stored on devices like USB drive, SD card, digital camera, mobile phone, MP3, MP4 player and more can be recovered easily.
2.       Support multiple data recovery modes
There are three types of data recovery modes within this program: File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery. So users can make free data recovery with ease.
3.       Support various disk formats
This powerful software is compatible with HFS+, FAT16/32, and NTFS file system volumes, so as to allow users to recover data files roundly with no original data damaged or altered.
4.       Support file types of varieties
Music, video, picture, email, document, zip file and any other media files on Mac hard drive and storage devices can be regained from lost, deleted or damaged.
5.       Precise data scan and analysis
With this full-featured data recovery, users are allowed to scan and analyze lost data intensively so that to make accurate data recovering for further uses.

6.       Preview function enables fast data recovery
This program is equipped with the function to let users preview the data found, so that users can make a fast accessing to the target files for data recovering. 

With any interests to try this Data Recovery Software, you may visit its official website for more information:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

UMPlayer, a real Universal Media Player

UMPlayer is an almighty media player that with its hundreds of built in audio and video codecs, it can support nearly all kinds of media formats. Stream video playing like Youtube and obther video sharing sites are also supported with UMPlayer.

More and more ways of decoding results in more and more video and audio formats, some old media players have to be installed with various extensions to support new media files, then your media player just get larger. UMPlayer is qualified as one of the world's most advanced and open source media players with its multiple built in audio and video codecs. UMPlayer has made great impression on millions of users with its powerful media playing and skinnable interface, only the total downloads on Download.cnet has reached 7 million times.

Those are video and audio formats UMPlayer can support in detail.

If you wanna change your old Realplayer or just bored with installing new codec extensions, you may wanna try this UMPlayer here, they got all four versions for Windows/ Mac/ Linus and Ubuntu.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tricks about how to insert music files from itunes to Windows media player

Movies users purchased on itunes are all protected with DRM, which means you can't play them with some other media players except Apple Stuff like itunes and iphone ipod. But music files purchased on itunes are not protected, so you can copy them to anywhere else to enjoy them like on your mp3 player and Android phone, now in this article, i'm gonna tell you step by step about how to sync music files you purchased to Windows Media Player without a third party software.

PS: Both my itunes and windows media player are not in the latest version, but it's easy to find the corresponding buttons and options.

1. When you itunes is on, you click the Edit and find Preference option.

2. Choose Advanced option to find Itunes Media Folder Location.

3. Then you copy the saving path of your itunes Media Folder Location.

4. Turn off the itunes after you have copied the address and open your Windows Media Player.

5. Open the Organization option and find you Music Folder. Click the Add option to paste the itunes Media Folder Location address in. Then press OK button

Everything Done!

Then every time you download a new music file on itunes, it will be shown in your Windows Media Player List.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

CCleaner, a magic software to speed your computer

CCleaner has its remarkable position in computer software area, ever since its first edition was released on the internet, many PC users have taken enough benefits from it, especially in speeding their computers by clean their C disc and browser garbage. If you don't have one CCleaner in your computer, that explains why you always feel suck with your super slow computer speed.

We always install new softwares onto our computer and most of the time, we can't uninstall them completely. With more and more garbage files left in your computer, especially in the C disc, the speed of your computer will become slower and slower. Every time after we use browsers like IE or Chrome or Firefox, some broken information data are left in your computer, which is another reason to slow down your computer speed.

CCleaner tend to clean all those useless information data once you start its clean function and make your computer a better and more clean environment to function.

CCleaner can be used to clean all those areas of your computer:
Internet Explorer/ Firefox/ Google Chrome/ Opera/ Safari/ Windows/ Registry Cleaner

You may wanna download it for a shot at this site:;1

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smooth Gesture, Make everything on your Chrome Browser easier

Many mouse gesture softwares can be found on the internet and indeed, they make user's internet surfing experience much easier. And with Smooth Gesture extension, you can make your Google Chrome an almighty browser as well.

Mouse Gesture software tend to take orders by holding your right mouse click and making movements. General functions like page navigation and tab management are all settled in this extension, what's more, with the powerful compatibility of the extension itself, you can make customize those gestures in your own style, which is very convenient for using.

Functions in detail can be seen from this video

Monday, January 30, 2012

Autodesk Homestyler, design your own future house

Autodesk Homestyler is the most brilliant extension i've ever seen from the Chrome Web Store, you can easily create 2D and 3D home designs for  your dream house. It provides the fastest and easiest way to design your kitchen, your bedroom, your bathroom and everything inside your house. With this extension on your Google Chrome Browser, you are a super architect from now on!

No matter you rent the apartment or you wanna make your own house looks a little different than usual, you always need to draw a blueprint before you make any movements in your room so it won't get crashed. I used to think about drawing myself a picture of house design with pencil and paper, but it turns out to be a real difficult thing to complete. Those furniture drawings and sizes of them drives me crazy every time. Only until i found this Audodesk Homestyler, did i find make a home design blueprint could be so funny and made me really proud.

Operation of this software is very simple, you can seperate your room by simplely drag rooms and walls, every function room has its unique structures and so as furnitures. Those Sofa, Television, Bed, Kitchen stuff are listed in 2D model first, so after you finish your design, you can turn them to 3D model easily and view the effect.

And the most interesting thing about this software is that, every single stuff listed are from real things, which means you can buy a exactly same sofa from the market if you don't wanna change another sofa. Which means, you real furnitured house will look exactly the same as you have designed.

In 2D
In 3D

Anyway, those are too many other functions about this Autodesk Homestyler, you will only find how funny it would be until you try it with your own hands. Extension can be directly found from this site:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turn off the lights, make your PC screen a cinema

Turn off the lights is a very interesting and useful extension on the Google Chrome Browser, it turns the other space except the video part into dark so you will focus on the video more easily, and more like watching a movie in a cinema. And what's more, turn those lights off is also a environmental activity.

Most of the internet users like watching online videos from youtube and others, it would be nice if they have the function of turning the lights on or off, but some non-professional video sharing website may don't have this function, and if you are a honest Chrome user, this Turn Off the Lights is exactly what you need for controlling.

This Turn Off the Lights extension has many useful functions like you can easily turn the lights on by single clicking, and be able to function on youtube and other HTML 5 website. If you are a online video watching lover, i strongly suggest you have a try of the extension here:

Cool Clock, make your timer looks more science fiction on Chrome Browser

Cool Clock in the Chrome web store is a really attractive online timer and i believe everyone who has ever tried it will fall in love with it at the very first sight. It is called an extension fully loaded with tons of useful time-related features with unbelievable cool interface.

If you are still using a Microsoft XP system, then i'm afraid  even yourself are not willing to show what your clock on the desktop looks like. While this Cool Clock from Chrome can definitely make you feel much more comfortable when you are checking  the time on your computer. The silver color with changeable number color makes it so outstanding on your browser, what's more, many time-related features can be found with this Cool Clock.

The first extension that has
 - Digital / Analog clock
 - Calendar
 - Hourly time announcement on a Desktop Notification
 - Alarm (supports multiple alarms)
 - Timer
 - Stopwatch
 - Supports importing calendar data from Google Calendar™ (public and private)
... and more.

What's more, now this extension has over 20 languages that can be selected so no matter you are a France or Japanese, you can make your personal settings on this Cool Clock without any problems.

So if have the same interests on this thing like me, you can try this Cool Clock on your Google Chrome Browser by add the extension here:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five nice extensions about Google Chrome Browser--How do you say

Google Chrome Browser has already become a very popular browser, this so-called the world fastest browser have really excellent performance in surfing the internet and downloading files from the internet. However, compared with the other competition browser Firefox, which is know for the amazing flexibility in adding extensions, deeply loved by DIY users and developers, Google Chrome Browser seems a little bit weak. Now in the following article, i'm gonna suggest you five nice extensions i've been used on my own Chrome Browser.

ATTENTION All extensions mentioned in this series are for Google Chrome Browser, and i'm not sure if there are similar extensions for other Browsers.

Convenient extension for English learner, How Do You Say

People always encounter English words when they are surfing the internet, no matter you are a Chinese or Russian, it could get really annoying to look at a strange word and have no idea how to pronounce it, especially for those people who wanna learn English. Looking up in the dictionary could be very helpful but it costs too much energy. Search the word in a translation website? good, but waste much time too. Now with this How Do You Say extension from Chrome Browser, you can find the correct pronunciation in the least time and make your least effort.

The extension is set to passive mode upon installation, which means that you need to enter words in the extension interface. This is done with a click on the icon in the address bar, entering the word or phrase that you’d like pronounced and a click on the play button.

Steps to use it in detail:
1) The Real-Time feature allow you to just highlight with your mouse the words you want to hear. Once a web page is loaded by default the funcionality is disabled. You can enable (or disable) the real-time function of the extension by typing Alt+X on your keyboard or by pressing the button on the extension popup, now for each set of words highlighted you can hear the right pronunciation.

2) By clicking on the extension icon you can type a set words and pressing the play button or the key return on your keyboard you can hear their correct pronunciation.

The icon colour point out which is the current state of the extension:

Grey → Disabled
Coloured → Enabled

So you can download this extension now from this site:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mp3 Cutter, easiest way to make your own ringtone.

Mp3 Cutter is a easy in use software that can cut audio and video files in over 40 formats with only few actions. With Mp3 Cutter, you don't need to search on the internet a whole day for the part of mp3 file as your ringtone, any pieces of a audio file you would like to set as your ringtone can be done with 3 clicks.

Things like this happen a lot, you watched a nice movie and get deeply moved by the music, and you searched on the internet for this piece for the whole day still get nothing. You got a WMA audio file and wanna put it in your mp3 player but unfortunately you mp3 player doesn't support WMA files. You feel suck with those things and might feel upset for a long time. But from now on, with Mp3 Cutter, things like this would never happen any more.

Mp3 Cutter has many useful features which make it definitely a necessary for a computer user.
1. It supports over 40 audio and video formats, which means you can cut almost any media files you would like to use
2. You can also use Mp3 Cutter as a audio converter to convert files from wma to mp3 or mp3 to ape.
3. If you are not satisfied with the second function, you can even extract a mp3 file from video file, which seems like part of a video converter
4. The most important thing is, you can got all your work done with only 3 clicks!

Now, if you are interested in this software, feel free to download one from this site:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Easy Mp3 Downloader, make your free online music download legal

Easy Mp3 Downloader is the first free mp3 online downloader i know, with the agreement between the software developer and online music share website, you can download over 100 million mp3 files from the internet with Easy Mp3 Downloader.

Now is the age of digital music growing up and CD/DVD music playing fading away. More and more person tend to use digital players like ipod, mp3 and others to listen to music rather than carrying a big CD player. Because of new high technology in coding music, people can listen to high quality music with a tiny mp3 player. However, because of the legal protection for music maker, we might get into troubles if we download music from illegal website. So except from ripping CDs to mp3 can play them with your ipod or other mp3 players, you'd better take this Easy Mp3 Download into consideration.

Easy Mp3 Downloader got very impressive interface and friendly operation. Once you install this software, you can search any mp3 music you like and download them within few seconds freely.

You may download the software here:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Focus Magic, a professional photo repair software

Focus Magic is a professional photo repair software that can be used to repair unclear picture taken by mistakes and for repair crime evidence, it can also be used to repair old pictures taken with laggard technology.

When you happen to see a funny thing, and you really have to take this a picture cause you wanna your friends see this too, you might not be able to take a clear one in a hurry. So when things pass by and you find the picture is ruined and can't be seen. You might wanna try this Focus Magic to repair it.

This software is designed with the technology of undo which has always been used on taking evidence of crime.

And the use of Focus Magic is very simple too, you can just follow the guide step by step to repair your picture.

You may download it and take a try at this site:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 10 Tablet PC of 2011. Which one is yours?

5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
The Asus has released many choices for users to pick up at the CES , because they think the biggest problem of ipad is they are lack of choice for users to pick up, and seems like they hit the Apple ipad team right in the face. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was the most popular one among its all three series. This 10 inch- tablet with a duel core NVDIA Tegra 2 cpu that runs Android 3.0 take customer only 399 US Dollars for purchase. If  you are a Asus fun, i think you can't miss this Eee Pad Transformer. 

4. Blackberry Playbook
Blackberry Playbook didn't have a good performance in sales when it was first released, this 7 inch tablet with IOS system couldn't attract enough attention with its outlook. Unfortunately, you can only get its beautiful places after you try it with your own hands. Blackberry Playbook has really good performace in dealing with multiple tasks and thanks to its excellent support on Flash, it is definitely the best tablet pc for searching the internet.

3. Amazon Kindle Fire
When the first news of Amazon Kindle Fire get released, many people got great interests with it and some people even wonder it might be the terminator of ipad series. With the unbelievable huge source for video and music from Amazon for users and good hardware equipped, this tablet pc costs only 199 US Dollars. And research says that the main reason they buy a Kindle Fire is for its big potential source from Amazon Online Store, seems that the advantage of Itunes is about to be finished by it

2. HP Touchpad
The biggest news occured this year, i believe the promotion of HP touchpad can be one among them. When HP Touchpad was first released, many people missed it for its high price even though it has a WebOS operation system. In August, Bestbuy declared all those HP touchpad in store would be sold with the price of 99 US Dollars, this is a blockbuster in tablet world. Despite of its not bad performance, this low price make all in store HP Touchpad were sold out in days.

1. Apple Ipad2
Ok, finally, we come to the champion of Tablet PC in 2011. Many people can't stop asking why both ipad and ipad2 could have such a good performance in sales and those apple funs even got crazy for it. I think the biggest reason is that ipad has already built up a good reputation in tablet users. We can't deny it that ipad2 has really good hardware and operation performace. It's truly a sorry that the great contributor Steven Jobs died of cancer this year, we hope his design can leave us eternal memory about him.

Top 10 Tablet PC of 2011. Which one is yours?

Tablet PC is the new favor in 2011 and there is no doubt this trend will keep for a while.A good in use tablet can always do you a lot work things and leisure stuff, and many functions of tablet PC have already been listed in some other articles, if you have a strong desire of getting a Tablet PC for the coming year, you might take those Top 10 Tablets into consideration.

10. Samsung Sliding PC 7
There is no doubt the Samsung stuff from South Korean has already become one of the leader brands in digital world. especially nowadays it gets more connection with Google and Apple. Samsung Sliding PC 7 is a Microsoft Windows 7 tablet, thanks to its large size screen with 10.1 inches and a 1366x768 resolution, many young people tend to buy it for entertainment, and the amazing slide design is also a attractive spot. However, because of its high price of over 650 US dollars and terrible performance in battery life, it can only rank number 10.

9. Motorola Xoom
As the first Tablet PC with Android 3.0, the release of Motorola Xoom really became the spotlight of medias and users. And when we take a look at this nice stunner, i believe not many people can resist it. With a 10.1 inch screen, and the resolution of 1280x800, Motorola Xoom can easily play most HD videos without convert, two cameras with high pixel, great performance in wifi connection. Everything about Motorola Xoom seems to be perfect except one thing, the price of Motorola Xoom reaches 799 US dollars, definitely a price killer for many users.

8. HTC Flyer
HTC has already become another high tech design company in recent years, this China enterprise is know for making Android phones and Windows phones, and now it came to Tablet PC. HTC Flyer had a 7 inch screen which seems a little smaller than   those we have already mentioned. However, with a 1.5GHz cpu and 1.0 G Ram, its dealing speed can surplus many other tablet pcs. And the specific Sense UI from HTC is another irresistible element for users.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Another Samsung Tablet PC, the world thinnest tablet attract a lot attention from female users, the 0.31 inch body is very comfortable for hands held. And General usage from Samsung Sliding PC 7 can all be found on this skinny beauty. However, the price always seems to be the roadblock for Samsung, if the price can be lower than its original 599 US dollars, i believe it will have a good performance in sales that can even beat Ipad.

6. B&N Nook Color
The Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-reader recently got an update to Android 2.2 and its own app store, which has turned it into a viable low-cost tablet. Some will argue against it since it has a heavy-handed UI forced on top of Android and doesn’t run the full Android Market app store. But, I couldn’t leave this little 7-inch tablet off the list. It has a great form factor — thin and easy in the hands — and you can’t beat the price at $249. Plus, if you’re highly technical, you can hack it into a full Android tablet.