Friday, October 28, 2011

A Violent file remover- Lockhunter

Lock hunter is a free software which gives you more power in managing your naughty files on the computer, and it's definitely one necessary IT requirements in your mass softwares!

Sometimes you got into this situation, files or folders you wanna delete can't not be removed, this might be two reasons, one is that this program is running and the other is this file or folder is a virus. It gets very annoying when you are looking at those things but can't remove them. Now, i got a real violent file remover for you, may i present --lockhunter

Lockhunter is a very small software, the total size is about only 1MB large, you can use this thing to remove/rename and even move locked files or folders. You can even use it to end the process of a application that you can't do with the task manager.
And there is one more good point on it is that every deleted files can be recovered so you don't have to worry about deleting something and get regret on this.

Anyway, with this powerful Lockhunter, you can
View the process of a locked application
End the process of a application violently
Unlock a locked file or folder
Get combined into Task Manager so you can use this more convenient

So, this is definitely one unmissable requirements for your computer, you can download one for a trial here:

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