Friday, October 21, 2011

Ashampoo Snap, a real nice screenshot software

When you wanna take a screenshot and show your friends what you've got on your screen, or one of your friend have a computer problem and you happen to know how to get it solved, and you did a great job with playing Call of Duty and want to make a video and upload it to youtube so other people have a chance to see it, you might need this Ashampoo Snap, one of many excellent free Ashampoo screenshot taker from Ashampoo Company.

A screenshot software is very necessary for people who always like to share their ideas to others or offer information for a question. There are many screenshot softwares on the internet and most of them have good functions. Today i'm gonna recommend one beautiful screenshot thing, Ashampoo Snap
Ashampoo Snap is a really cool screenshot software, it's one of the most powerful thing in this series. It doesn't like Screen capture or Winsnap with an entitative interface, all those keys are invisible when they are not in use,it looks a little bit like Mac OS system.

Speaking of its functions, you can screenshot the full screen, a single window or just a rectangle place, and your screenshot is taken, you can take further edits like change size or the brightness and many other things.
You can use Ashampoo Snap to take a video shot as well. Next time when your friends have some computer problems and you happen to know how, you can take a video shot video Ashampoo Snap and send him for learning.

Click for downloading Ashampoo Snap

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