Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Audio player with world-class performance: Beoplayer

This excellent audio player developed by world-class audio process company Bang & Olufsen is a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. People easily get addicted to this amazing audio player.    

World-class audio playing performance

Compared with Windows Media Player, Beoplayer has a much better audio quality, it can automatically remove those unnecessary noises from the file and provide you a perfect listening experience. Audio files like ape/flac/wav/mp3/ogg/aac/m4a/mp4/wma are all available on Beoplayer, which makes other audio players unable to compare with. According to the saying of senior music lovers, this Beoplayer don't need any out-connected instruments to increase its ability to play music.

With beoplayer, accessing and enjoying your collection of digital music as well as Internet radio has never been easier. You can choose its music option or radio thing from the right window.

By the way, beoplayer can also support some picture formats and video formats, which depends on what video decoders you have on your computer, which i think, doesn't matter that much, because the position of this thing is on audio player.

Noblest Appearence

When you invite electronics into your home, they should be beautiful to look at. This holds true when the electronics are switched on, too. BeoPlayer screens and menus do not recall anything on a computer. Instead, they resemble physical objects that seem to move in three dimensions rather than transition from one screen to another. The design is crafted to match the BeoVision screens that will display it, so your computer monitor will have something to live up to – unless you are using a BeoVision television as your monitor?

Support copy CD files onto your computer directly

BeoPlayer will vacuum your PC for music and photos and present them to you in a straightforward and elegant manner. It offers a simple and powerful way to copy CDs to your computer - always with full information about artist, titles, cover art etc. collected automatically via the internet. This way you can browse through the covers of your music and display the cover art while listening to your favourite music.

You can download Beoplayer on download.cnet.com

And before you install this audio player and gonna start using it, you will have to register first, it's pretty simple and totally free.

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