Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Document Exporter, a good IE plugin for storing a page view

Document Exporter is a very convenient plugin for IE users to store a useful page view when they are surfing the internet, and is able to convert all those information on the page as a whole to files like PDF or TXT, and the links on the words will keep its availability.

You found a good page on the web and wanna store the whole information on it, those links, authors, the time and some other current information, What are you gonna do?
You don't wanna waste another piece of paper and drops of printing ink for this maybe one-off information. I got a good IE plugin called Document Exporter to help you.

If you are not using IE explorer, i suppose this thing isn't capable with your other explores like Google Chrome or Firefox. So you need to install a IE explorer since the latest IE 8 is just released. Anyway, this plugin is really easy to install, you just download it and install it with one single click.

Document Exporter for Internet Explorer is currently free for 30days, and with this little thing, you can convert your IE page to like:
Images with clickable link
PDF file
Microsoft word and .RTF

So, if you like this thing and wanna take a shot of it, you can download this thing here:

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