Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spyshelter--A reliable guard to keep your code away from being voyeured

Spyshelter is a professional anti keylogger software, it provides a tight protection for any information accessed into your computer via the keyboard. It keeps your code, and other information away from being stolen by some virus.

You might have never thought that there might be a pair of eyes staring at you from the back when you are doing some typing things on the keyboard, like your credit code or your facebook book or your email address code whatever they are. They might get stolen and some your important information will be viewed by some other people and you get loss.

Doing things on the internet has already become a very daily thing, you buying stuff on Amazon, you paying parking bills with online credit, you store very important information in your mail box. The more you access the internet, the higher this chance might be for your information get voyeured. If you have already installed a anti-virus software, i recommend you install this spyshelter as well.

This is not only a anti keyblogger, with spyshelter on your pc, you can
Get your system get protected from virus attacking 
Become an Antiscreencapture
Act as an Antilipboardcapture

In a word, with this Spyshelter, it becomes much more safe for you to surfing the internet and enjoy the happiness of the web.

You can download this here:

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