Friday, October 21, 2011

Open Freely-A beautiful media player with allpurpose functions

Some times you can't just install a software to open one special file because there are so many formats nowadays. But with a stuff like this, which support over 100 file formats, can solve your many problems. And this, is definitely one of the most important IT Requirements.

I downloaded a novel called The Hunger Games this morning, however, it's not as i expected in TXT or DOC but in PDF. I didn't got a Adobe Player because i randomly use this kind of files. So i spend a little more minutes to search download a Adobe flash player and then get my novel-reading thing available. Then i start to think if there is any good media players that can play most of daily used or seldom used files rather than install some many things to fulfill all different needs, then i got this Open Freely thing, i was shocked.

This little thing can support over 100 formats like video files, picture files, text mode files and even compressed files.
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I installed this thing and tried some of its major functions.

Click to download Open Freely

1. Video playing
Open Freely can support some mainstream video formats like Avi/wmv/flv/mp4 and others, its interface is a bit like windows media player, you can zoom the size of your video by right click. Some other functions you find on windows media player are available too

2. Picture Editing
Another powerful function of Open Freely is that you can use this thing to edit your picture file in many ways. You can rotate the picture or resize it by adapting the data, very beautiful thing.

3. Microsoft office files viewing and editing

If you are using this for work,then this thing can help you combine all microsoft things together, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, everything related to windows files are okay with Open Freely.

4. Archive files opening
With this Open Freely on your computer, you don't have to decompress your RAR or ZiP files any more, you can just open it with Open Freely and after you close the window, your files are still there in compressed formats.

However, compared with some other professional softwares, there do exist shortcoming. Just like you can't except a touchpad to do all the things you can do on a computer. Everything exists for a reason, if you like this thing, please download and give it a shot,and don't forget to subscribe my blog, Good Luck everyone.

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