Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 10 Tablet PC of 2011. Which one is yours?

5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
The Asus has released many choices for users to pick up at the CES , because they think the biggest problem of ipad is they are lack of choice for users to pick up, and seems like they hit the Apple ipad team right in the face. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was the most popular one among its all three series. This 10 inch- tablet with a duel core NVDIA Tegra 2 cpu that runs Android 3.0 take customer only 399 US Dollars for purchase. If  you are a Asus fun, i think you can't miss this Eee Pad Transformer. 

4. Blackberry Playbook
Blackberry Playbook didn't have a good performance in sales when it was first released, this 7 inch tablet with IOS system couldn't attract enough attention with its outlook. Unfortunately, you can only get its beautiful places after you try it with your own hands. Blackberry Playbook has really good performace in dealing with multiple tasks and thanks to its excellent support on Flash, it is definitely the best tablet pc for searching the internet.

3. Amazon Kindle Fire
When the first news of Amazon Kindle Fire get released, many people got great interests with it and some people even wonder it might be the terminator of ipad series. With the unbelievable huge source for video and music from Amazon for users and good hardware equipped, this tablet pc costs only 199 US Dollars. And research says that the main reason they buy a Kindle Fire is for its big potential source from Amazon Online Store, seems that the advantage of Itunes is about to be finished by it

2. HP Touchpad
The biggest news occured this year, i believe the promotion of HP touchpad can be one among them. When HP Touchpad was first released, many people missed it for its high price even though it has a WebOS operation system. In August, Bestbuy declared all those HP touchpad in store would be sold with the price of 99 US Dollars, this is a blockbuster in tablet world. Despite of its not bad performance, this low price make all in store HP Touchpad were sold out in days.

1. Apple Ipad2
Ok, finally, we come to the champion of Tablet PC in 2011. Many people can't stop asking why both ipad and ipad2 could have such a good performance in sales and those apple funs even got crazy for it. I think the biggest reason is that ipad has already built up a good reputation in tablet users. We can't deny it that ipad2 has really good hardware and operation performace. It's truly a sorry that the great contributor Steven Jobs died of cancer this year, we hope his design can leave us eternal memory about him.

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