Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five nice extensions about Google Chrome Browser--How do you say

Google Chrome Browser has already become a very popular browser, this so-called the world fastest browser have really excellent performance in surfing the internet and downloading files from the internet. However, compared with the other competition browser Firefox, which is know for the amazing flexibility in adding extensions, deeply loved by DIY users and developers, Google Chrome Browser seems a little bit weak. Now in the following article, i'm gonna suggest you five nice extensions i've been used on my own Chrome Browser.

ATTENTION All extensions mentioned in this series are for Google Chrome Browser, and i'm not sure if there are similar extensions for other Browsers.

Convenient extension for English learner, How Do You Say

People always encounter English words when they are surfing the internet, no matter you are a Chinese or Russian, it could get really annoying to look at a strange word and have no idea how to pronounce it, especially for those people who wanna learn English. Looking up in the dictionary could be very helpful but it costs too much energy. Search the word in a translation website? good, but waste much time too. Now with this How Do You Say extension from Chrome Browser, you can find the correct pronunciation in the least time and make your least effort.

The extension is set to passive mode upon installation, which means that you need to enter words in the extension interface. This is done with a click on the icon in the address bar, entering the word or phrase that you’d like pronounced and a click on the play button.

Steps to use it in detail:
1) The Real-Time feature allow you to just highlight with your mouse the words you want to hear. Once a web page is loaded by default the funcionality is disabled. You can enable (or disable) the real-time function of the extension by typing Alt+X on your keyboard or by pressing the button on the extension popup, now for each set of words highlighted you can hear the right pronunciation.

2) By clicking on the extension icon you can type a set words and pressing the play button or the key return on your keyboard you can hear their correct pronunciation.

The icon colour point out which is the current state of the extension:

Grey → Disabled
Coloured → Enabled

So you can download this extension now from this site: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cbcjmaledgdlcmoacgjnehjdmfdfppnn/reviews

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