Monday, January 16, 2012

Mp3 Cutter, easiest way to make your own ringtone.

Mp3 Cutter is a easy in use software that can cut audio and video files in over 40 formats with only few actions. With Mp3 Cutter, you don't need to search on the internet a whole day for the part of mp3 file as your ringtone, any pieces of a audio file you would like to set as your ringtone can be done with 3 clicks.

Things like this happen a lot, you watched a nice movie and get deeply moved by the music, and you searched on the internet for this piece for the whole day still get nothing. You got a WMA audio file and wanna put it in your mp3 player but unfortunately you mp3 player doesn't support WMA files. You feel suck with those things and might feel upset for a long time. But from now on, with Mp3 Cutter, things like this would never happen any more.

Mp3 Cutter has many useful features which make it definitely a necessary for a computer user.
1. It supports over 40 audio and video formats, which means you can cut almost any media files you would like to use
2. You can also use Mp3 Cutter as a audio converter to convert files from wma to mp3 or mp3 to ape.
3. If you are not satisfied with the second function, you can even extract a mp3 file from video file, which seems like part of a video converter
4. The most important thing is, you can got all your work done with only 3 clicks!

Now, if you are interested in this software, feel free to download one from this site:

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