Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cool Clock, make your timer looks more science fiction on Chrome Browser

Cool Clock in the Chrome web store is a really attractive online timer and i believe everyone who has ever tried it will fall in love with it at the very first sight. It is called an extension fully loaded with tons of useful time-related features with unbelievable cool interface.

If you are still using a Microsoft XP system, then i'm afraid  even yourself are not willing to show what your clock on the desktop looks like. While this Cool Clock from Chrome can definitely make you feel much more comfortable when you are checking  the time on your computer. The silver color with changeable number color makes it so outstanding on your browser, what's more, many time-related features can be found with this Cool Clock.

The first extension that has
 - Digital / Analog clock
 - Calendar
 - Hourly time announcement on a Desktop Notification
 - Alarm (supports multiple alarms)
 - Timer
 - Stopwatch
 - Supports importing calendar data from Google Calendar™ (public and private)
... and more.

What's more, now this extension has over 20 languages that can be selected so no matter you are a France or Japanese, you can make your personal settings on this Cool Clock without any problems.

So if have the same interests on this thing like me, you can try this Cool Clock on your Google Chrome Browser by add the extension here:

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