Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turn off the lights, make your PC screen a cinema

Turn off the lights is a very interesting and useful extension on the Google Chrome Browser, it turns the other space except the video part into dark so you will focus on the video more easily, and more like watching a movie in a cinema. And what's more, turn those lights off is also a environmental activity.

Most of the internet users like watching online videos from youtube and others, it would be nice if they have the function of turning the lights on or off, but some non-professional video sharing website may don't have this function, and if you are a honest Chrome user, this Turn Off the Lights is exactly what you need for controlling.

This Turn Off the Lights extension has many useful functions like you can easily turn the lights on by single clicking, and be able to function on youtube and other HTML 5 website. If you are a online video watching lover, i strongly suggest you have a try of the extension here:

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