Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 10 Tablet PC of 2011. Which one is yours?

Tablet PC is the new favor in 2011 and there is no doubt this trend will keep for a while.A good in use tablet can always do you a lot work things and leisure stuff, and many functions of tablet PC have already been listed in some other articles, if you have a strong desire of getting a Tablet PC for the coming year, you might take those Top 10 Tablets into consideration.

10. Samsung Sliding PC 7
There is no doubt the Samsung stuff from South Korean has already become one of the leader brands in digital world. especially nowadays it gets more connection with Google and Apple. Samsung Sliding PC 7 is a Microsoft Windows 7 tablet, thanks to its large size screen with 10.1 inches and a 1366x768 resolution, many young people tend to buy it for entertainment, and the amazing slide design is also a attractive spot. However, because of its high price of over 650 US dollars and terrible performance in battery life, it can only rank number 10.

9. Motorola Xoom
As the first Tablet PC with Android 3.0, the release of Motorola Xoom really became the spotlight of medias and users. And when we take a look at this nice stunner, i believe not many people can resist it. With a 10.1 inch screen, and the resolution of 1280x800, Motorola Xoom can easily play most HD videos without convert, two cameras with high pixel, great performance in wifi connection. Everything about Motorola Xoom seems to be perfect except one thing, the price of Motorola Xoom reaches 799 US dollars, definitely a price killer for many users.

8. HTC Flyer
HTC has already become another high tech design company in recent years, this China enterprise is know for making Android phones and Windows phones, and now it came to Tablet PC. HTC Flyer had a 7 inch screen which seems a little smaller than   those we have already mentioned. However, with a 1.5GHz cpu and 1.0 G Ram, its dealing speed can surplus many other tablet pcs. And the specific Sense UI from HTC is another irresistible element for users.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Another Samsung Tablet PC, the world thinnest tablet attract a lot attention from female users, the 0.31 inch body is very comfortable for hands held. And General usage from Samsung Sliding PC 7 can all be found on this skinny beauty. However, the price always seems to be the roadblock for Samsung, if the price can be lower than its original 599 US dollars, i believe it will have a good performance in sales that can even beat Ipad.

6. B&N Nook Color
The Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-reader recently got an update to Android 2.2 and its own app store, which has turned it into a viable low-cost tablet. Some will argue against it since it has a heavy-handed UI forced on top of Android and doesn’t run the full Android Market app store. But, I couldn’t leave this little 7-inch tablet off the list. It has a great form factor — thin and easy in the hands — and you can’t beat the price at $249. Plus, if you’re highly technical, you can hack it into a full Android tablet.

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