Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TheFolderSpy, your secret computer monitor

TheFolderSpy is easy in use folder monitoring software that can record every changes happen to your folders into txt file so you may check it whenever you want. It can not only track your folder so you may find any changes made by other people, but also find out those virus exists in a .exe file or .src file to keep your computer in a clear position.

Nowadays, more and more ways were used by computer hackers to invade people's computer, a research tells that many virus is pretended in a .exe file or a .src file to access users' system so they can make evil things. And it's really hard to find any changes in your computer since you got countless files and folders in your hard discs.

TheFolerSpy can record every changes that happen to your computer folders and save those changes in a txt file. So whenever you got time, you can check the memo and find out what changes have happened and get those virus cleaned. What's more, it's very useful in keeping your computer clean since you can manage all things on your pc in a more efficient way.

Features of TheFolderSpy

Monitor any number of folders in real-time
Execute a file when a change is detected
File filtering
Monitor many types of changes: Creation, Deletion, Attributes changes, Access date, Filesize changes, etc.
Auto start (optional)
Can run in background
Can write logs
Monitor specific files in a folder

So if you got interest in this freeware, you may download it at this site, by the way, the total size of it is only 50KB.


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