Friday, December 30, 2011

Recommended good dvd to mp4 video converter

As we have already mentioned in the previous blog, because of the perfect performance of mp4 compressing video file without effecting the overall quality, mp4 has become the most widely used multimedia format to stream video on Tablet PC and the internet. So more and more Tablet PC users tend to ask various questions like DVD to mp4 converter, dvd to kindle fire converter. In this article, I want to compare my favorite Leawo dvd ripper to a randam found ImTOO DVD Ripper, so you people might have a clear what details to pay attention to when you choose a dvd ripper.

Since they are all dvd to mp4 video converter, there is no doubt they are all functional with ripping dvd disc to mp4 video files, then we will focus on other three major functions about them.

1.      The Price
When we are about exchange other things with our money, we always tend to spend the least and achieve as many as possible, that applies to our situation as well. According to the latest price of two products on their official website, the price of Leawo DVD Ripper is $10 less than ImTOO DVD Ripper. And of course, they are all free to get downloaded from the internet.
2.      Conversion Speed and Quality
I chose the “Source Code” DVD to do the comparision, the total length of the movie is 1:33:12, and the disc is got from a local video store. When I tried to rip this dvd to mp4 with H.264 video format, Leawo DVD rIpper took me 53 minutes and ImTOO took me 52 minutes, which seems no big difference between those two things.

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