Friday, December 30, 2011

With a Tablet PC, you can do more than just ---watching videos 2

Rip dvd or blu ray discs to mp4 and watch them on your tablet PC

Most of our video sources come from the internet, some are downloaded from downloading site, some are downloaded from Youtube, but I wanna say if you are a DVD or Blu Ray collect fun, the best video source for watching on your Tablet PC is Ripping DVD and Blu Ray discs. When I tried Yahoo answer yesterday, I found many people keeping asking questions like whether Rip a dvd is legal, I got the same answer for you, if you own the dvd, you rip it for personal use like watching them on other media players or for backup them on the computer, not for any spread uses like hang them onto the internet, which is completely ok.

The dvd ripping thing is not as complicated as you thought, as we all know, dvd discs are protected by special way of coding when they were released from the publishers. DVD rippers are developed to decode those things from the disc and then convert them to general video formats you can play on other media players. And when you are trying to decode a disc, you can set all those data in order to have a good video file come out. Some good dvd ripper writers even took good consideration about data settings so they make the choice in the dvd ripper directly to devices like to Ipad, to Blackberry Playbook, which doesn’t require you do more setting things instead of just by choosing a proper device output format.

The best DVD ripper I’ve been used so far is called Leawo DVD Ripper, it did take me a long time before I found this. I asked a question on Yahoo Answer, I googled dvd to droid xyboard and checked those links one by one. Aimersoft, Aovsoft and many others are not as good as Leawo DVD Ripper in my comparision. Which I might list the comparision results in the next blog. 

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