Thursday, December 29, 2011

IOBit Password Folder- Hide your information with 100% security

IOBit Password Folder is another easy in use freeware to set a particular password for your information, without your original password, no one have any access to get into your folder and view your information. Just like Easy File Locker, which can be a reliable guard for to your computer secret.

Developed by the famous software company IOBit, this freeware have a very good reputation, and as a common in use software, it doesn't have too many other functions instead of file password setting thing.

The use of IOBit Password Folder is simple as well, once you got your password settled, all you have to do is drag your folder or file into the software, just like doing a render, and you may settle the password in any way you like. Anyhow, please keep them in mind in case one day you can't remember those passwords too..

Any more information you wanna know about IOBit Password Folder, you may visit the official site

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