Tuesday, December 20, 2011

List²- a 30 KB software can compared with Microsoft Excel

List² is a real small software that can be used to build and manage general lists when you are away from your computer and in need of a list to build something. It can also save a lot space in your USB device compared with Microsoft Excel.

We always come into the situation for in need of a list to record something, like when you are out on business trip  and you computer happen to broke, like when computers you always tend to use have its microsoft documents break down so you can't use Excel. List² is a freeware which require no registration fee when you wanna use it to make a list and manage your data. And the total size is 30kb, definitely out of your imagination.

Besides, even though this freeware is that small, all general usages on list can be found with it.  Like you can 
1. Rename/insert and delete columns
2. Insert and delete rows
3. Find and replace
4. Clipboard cut/copy and paste
5. Printing with pre-print view

By the way, the output format of the file are in txt and csv, so if  you wanna open it on your computer, you need this software with you as well. Which i think doesn't matter at all since it has a only 30 KB size.

You may download it at this site: http://www.brothersoft.com/list%C2%B2-189845.html

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