Monday, December 19, 2011

Mouse without Borders- a very playable and cool software

Mouse without Folders is a real funny freeware which allows you share your mouth and keyboard among different computers, you can not only operate them with one single equipments but also copy and paste files among those pc settings. It's so much fun to see your mouse arrow moving across one screen to another.

You may have seen this in many movies already, those crazy scientists always have a cool equipments and they have various screen hang together on a single desk. Now this Mouse Without Borders can make you, at least look like a super computer guy.

The principle of this software is connect at most four computers with one local area network, all four computers can share those files among any one of them via the local net and so operator can manage all four computers with one single mouth and keyboard.

This Microsoft product got one weakness for some users that you can use it with only Windows operation system. Mac and Linux users have to find some other similar software if you would like to experience this

Yo may download it at this site :

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