Thursday, December 29, 2011

With a Tablet PC, you can do more than just ---watching videos 1

MP4--The best and most reliable video format on Tablet PC

There is a reason why so many people want to watch movies on their tablet pc, they wanna watch dvd on eee pad transformer, wanna download youtube to playbook, wanna convert blu ray to viewpad 10 pro. In a word, tablet pc is the best media player they wanna use.

Most of the Tablet PCs on the market has a much bigger size screen compared with cellphones, seems that the smallest one is 7 inches and the the largest comes from Sharp Galapagos with a screen sized 10.8 inches. The size is already good enough for watching videos already. And come to the material of screen, many tablet pc with a good reputation on the market like Ipad series and Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy are all in IPS screen, which is more colorful and fluent in use than general TFT screen, definitely the number one option for watching videos except on a computer or a big screen television.

Speaking of supported video formats on most Tablet PCs, we have to mention mp4, this new raised video format is famous for have very good picture and audio quality without a very huge size, thanks to its stability more and more media players take mp4 as their major support formats, and Apple Company is one of the leadings. Videos on Itunes, iphone, ipad and ipod touch all have to be in mp4 video format if you want to see them in your library and watch them on your devices.

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