Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recommendation of gorgeous icons used on Windows

I don't know if you have this habit of changing those settings on your computer regularly. I do this a lot, things like desktop, folder icons are all my frequently-changed stuff. So today, i'm gonna recommend you some of my favorite icons from my computer and i hope you can love them as well

It's really easy a thing to change icons of your applications on your computer, no matter you are running a windows operation or Mac OS operation, here what i'm gonna show is various icons not about steps of changing them on your computer

All icons used on Windows operation are in png format, and the resolution is 256px X 256px, so generally speaking all picture files in png with a resolution of 256 x 256 can be settled as computer icons. 

Rockdock is a very great desktop icons company, their designed softwares and icons are all very fashion and can attract mass attention. If you are a real Beauty-first people, you should spend some time to visit their website  


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