Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fraps, game video taker- Your way to be the next WCG player

Fraps has already been taken as the best video game taker since its first edition was released. You can use Fraps to not only take videos for games, but also examine the fps on your screen and take a screenshot. Compared with Ashampoo, i've mentioned before, Fraps tends to be more focused on real time video capture thing.

I bet many of you have watched game videos on youtube or other video sharing websites, like learn how to shot down enermies in Counter Strike game, or how the other player kill a hunter as a warrior in World of Warcraft. And for so many times you came up with an idea to show your own game videos but get annoying for don't know how. Now, this thing, i'm gonna tell you guys, is exactly a good real time video capture software, and that's the reason why i call it the way to lead you the next WCG player.

Actually, Fraps is not just a real time video capture software, it is also:

A professional Benchmarking Software. It shows how many Frames Per Second(FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen, which will not borther you when you are falling into your game. You only have to start and finish the video taking process with a simple press of F9 

A Screen Capture Software.It can take a screenshot only with the press of a key, and you don't have to paste into a paint program every time you want a new shot, since your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped. However, you can't except it has the same ability compared with Ashampoo because this is the differences between professional and unprofessional. The press for a screenshot is F10
As for the video quality this software take can make, there is completely no need to worry about. 80% of game videos you can find on youtube are taken by this Fraps, so it's easy to figure that out.

If you are interested in this thing and get ready to make one hell of the show for other people, you can download this Fraps here: http://www.fraps.com/setup.exe


  1. Have you tried Game Camcorder? In some cases it works better than Fraps (higher in-game FPS while recording).
    It is available for download here:http://GameCamcorder.com

  2. Really? thank you for this, i'm gonna download it and have a try