Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free File Wiper, the most reliable way to erase the evidence of your "Crime"

Free File Wiper is easy in use deleting software with top security. Any files on your laptop don't wanna been recovered and let other people see, you can use Free File Wiper, and in whatever ways those data will not be recovered.

As in one of my former post i recommend readers a data recovery software called Icare undeleted free, you may get your data deleted in windows way recovered with it. In case of some other people use it to recover your data and see your personal information, i give you this Free File Wiper, with which even god is unable to recover your deleted data.

This Free File Wiper has got only 48KB and you don't need to stall it for use, once your open it, the icon will be places at the right corner of your desktop. All you delete things will be done by dragging files you'd like to delete into the icon.

You may download this freeware at this site:

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