Friday, November 11, 2011

Make a special Thanksgiving present for your loved ones---Tip 1.

The Thankgiving day of this year is coming in 24 November, as one of the most important festivals in a year, you can't just sit in your house and enjoy the warm fireplace and delicious turkey, giving present to people you wanna show your thanks can't be missed as a really necessary part. However, having been given and receiving gifts purchased from stores for years and years, we all get kinds of disappointed for this wonderful moment. And for me, i'm gonna get a very special gift for my parents and girlfriend made by myself, if you are interested in a new idea for the thanksgiving present, i suggest you follow my artitle and learn some real nice tips.

1. Make a photo with Poladroid effect

Many old camera users should be very familiar with this brand, as one the best Lomo and one-time imaging camera, it's the Synonym for fashion at that age. You can no longer buy a Poladroid one-time camera in any store at any places. Because the picture taken by Poladroid camera is in favor of warm color, and has a stong sense of artistic. there are a lot of funs all around the world.

I know you have already fall in love with this wonderful picture effect and begin to worry about your terrible PS skills, then i'm gonna tell you that actually there is a good software that can add this effect to your pictures with a quiet few steps. Then you can make a beautiful picture with Poladroid effect and give it to your parents as your thanksgiving day present, i'm pretty sure they will love it a lot.

Poladroid Image Maker is a completely free software with small size, all those steps are so simple that only a 4 year old kid can make a nice picture with it. After you install the Poladroid Image Maker, all you have to do is drag your original picture onto the software, then it will make your photo automatically. And the effect setting things are as simple as that too.

If you are interested in this nice thing, you can download it and take a try at the following links.

Poladroid Image Maker for Win:
Poladroid Image Maker for Mac: