Monday, November 21, 2011

SpaceSniffer, the easiest way to find lost space on your disks

SpaceSniffer is a very useful freeware that allows you to find out how those files and folders have taken up your discs in a most direct way. With a clear graph shown how much a file or folder takes up your disc space, you can clean the disc up by deleting useless thing so your computer will get speed up.

With the increasing days of your computer, your win or mac operating speed get slower and slower, especially for a media download crazy, you will have to clean up your disc at least once a week, and in ordinary way, you have to open each folders to check out if you are deleting things inside, and this will easily drive you crazy. With SpaceSniffer, there is no need to worry about this any more, it will scan every of your disc and list up how much space one folder has taken.

It's a real good habit to check your disc with a regular time, maybe in every week or month, which is the same for your cellphone, delete unnecessary things in time and offer your application a cleaner environment.

If you are interested in this and wanna download it for a trial, you can visit this site:

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