Thursday, November 3, 2011

Icare undelete free, a reliable data recovery software

Icare undelete free is a 100% free data recovery software, it's simple designed and make you able to recover most of your data with only few steps. To most people who always delete files by accident and wanna find them back, this is absolutely what you need on your computer.

Have you ever deleted a file or document folder and then realized it was a crucial mistake that you have ever made to your files? Do you happen to take a snapshot, delete it by accident and then need a recovery? Have you performed SHIFT plus DELETE and need some important files back? Have you run into the situation you want your files back just after you emptied the Recycle Bin and see files were gone? Did you employ someone deleted vital company files after his quiting the job?

No need to worry about those things any more! With icare undelete free, you can get your files deleted by accident recover in a few seconds. And thanks to its simple interface and friendly design, even computer newbies can operate it with guidance.

Once you open it, you can have a very clear view of your computer discs listed. If you tend to recover files from D disc, then you choose D:/ and then click on "Undelete Recover", the scan process will be finished in a few seconds.
Then there are some other options you may choose for your recovery thing.

You can download it here:

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