Friday, November 11, 2011

Make a special Thanksgiving present for your loved ones---Tip 2.

In the last article we talk about making a photo with Poladroid effect for your parents as a Thanksgiving Day present. So it will recall their old precious memory and countless pleasure. And today, i will give you another tip for preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving present for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. Make a picture with Mosaic effect

The reason why i recommend you use a picture with masic effect instead of poladroid effect for young lovers is that they are more fashion. Don't take this as an ordinary mosaic picture, after you check the following picture out, you will find how amazing it is and why it's a good option for a Thanksgiving present.

Now you are clear about this now? That's right, this mosaic picture is maked based on using thousands of tiny pictures to compost a huge picture with its profile reminded. And just like Poladroid Image Maker, it's not complicated either. You can use a small software and a dozen of pictures to complete this in a few seconds.

Andreamosanic is developed for users to make picture with mosanic effect with very few steps, since the designer tends to consider more about new users so the interface is very friendly.

After you install the AndreaMosaic, there are three main steps you are supposed to follow

1. You add a picture you want to make as the main picture.  Attention, this image is the main frame of your picture so you have to take a careful consideration about this, and it had better to be a close-taken picture so after it is dealed you can have a better result.

2. You choose the tile size of parameters. The high this size is, the better Mosaic effect you will get, and don't take the size too small, then you will be unable to see the main image.

3. You create you personal Mosanic image.

Actually , there are some more settings in more options and i hope you can get them clear by yourself.
Believe it or not, i can say this is gonna be one of the best Thanksgiving Day for me and my whole family, and i hope you people can enjoy it as well.
You can download it at this site:

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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