Thursday, November 17, 2011

Norton Mobile Security LITE, a pro anti-virus software from PC to your Android phones

Norton Mobile Security LITE is a professional anti-virus software developed Symantec Company. Since more and more cellphone users tend to use Android phones,  and many big cellphone companied like HTC and Samsung put a lot of energy on developing Android devices, it's getting easier for hackers to spread their virus among Android users. Symantec, this PC anti-virus software leader, has developed this Norton Mobil Security LITE for people.

Believe it or not, according to the mobile security expert Riley Hassell 's word, there are many loopholes with Android operation system, so it's really easy for Android phones get effected with virus, an avti-virus software installed on your Android phone seems to be really necessary. 

Symantec is a world class anti-virus software developing company, many of their anti-virus softwares share good reputation in users, and i'm sure this Norton Mobile Security LITE will not let you down either. 

 You may download it for a trial at this site:|kw0000001625|7660515556&country=US

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