Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Repair RealMedia Files-- No worry about Rmvb playing error any more

Repair RealMedia File is a simple and easy to recover tool that can repair your most common errors in real media files when you are about to enjoy one of your favorite movie downloaded on the web, and it's one of the most commonly used fix softwares with mediafiles.

Even though more and more other video formats like MKV, VOB and mp4 with H.264 are coming to our eyes, real media files still own its particular position in video media.  It really pissed me off when i click on my video and a sign of error show up. Fortunately, when i google the realmedia file repair software today i found this Repair RealMedia Files, honestly speaking, this is exactly what we need when we come across into the situation.

The main features of Repair RealMedia Files are as following
1. Support to fix RealVidio and RealAudio files.
2. Extremely fast speed in repair rm and rmvb files.
3. Automatically backup corrupt rm and rmvb files.
4. No complex options. Simply click one button and your rm or rmvb file is repaired. Which means, any kind of situations like your realmedia file has no voice or the audio and video stuff don't match each other, or you can even open the file.

Repair RealMedia Files can get your problems done BTW, this software can not only repair some general errors in RealMedia fils but also like 3gp and some other video formats.

If you are interested in this stuff, you can visit this site and download it:

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