Thursday, November 10, 2011

A simple tip to exam if your anti-software is running in good condition

You worry a lot about surfing on the internet before you install a safe anti-virus software like Avira or Bit Defender, for various kinds of virus are hiding beneth those information and seeking chances to invade your computer, they broke your operation, destroy your personal information, and make your computer unable to function.

However, sometimes even after you install a good anti-virus software, your computer still get invaded by virus, the reason might be you didn't install the software in a proper way or this safety guard didn't function well.

I got a very simple way for you to check if your anti-virus software is properly installed. This tip is set out by those pro European Anti-virus experts so you don't have to worry about its reliability.


You paste the upper word into your notepad and then save the file in the name of, and the type shall be all types. Then you use your anti-virus software to exam this file, if your software give warnings and tell you to delete the file, it means your anti-virus software is installed properly, if not, you'd better reinstall it or choose another anti-virus software.

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