Friday, November 18, 2011

Panda USB Vaccine, a required anti-virus software for your USB devices

Panda USB Vaccine is a free anti-virus software designed for USB devices like memory sticks, mp3 players, digital cameras and so on. So Panda USB Vaccine can protect your usb devices from getting infected by prevent its auto-running and the opening of files which might contain virus.

Two main ways of computer getting infected are through the internet and the usb devices. Even though getting infected by usb devices seems to have less opportunity, there is still a very high chance for your computer get infected while you are using a usb device.

Aurorun.inf is a very popular file in people's usb devices recently, the original function of this thing is open your files by double clicking. However, some virus hind in the file and get spread with this as a route. Panda USB Vaccine can stop its automatic running when you intend to use a usb device.

You can download it at this site and use it for free:

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